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Four Star, City Hotel

Which is close to the center of Antakya, our hotel offers its guests modern amenities and a comfortable setting with professional service. Anemon Antakya provides various services to satisfy you. You can also relax in the sauna and swimming pool to cool off. To get a buffet breakfast in the restaurant and eat dinner with carte menu. Also at night you can enjoy a club located within the hotel. Antakya in ancient times referred to as Antioch and has a rich cultural heritage. Presented in the local style of cuisine is known for the popular Turkish dishes.Archaeology of the Ottoman old city of Antakya Museum, St. Peter's Church and the Mosque of Habib-i Neccar stay as long as you are the must-see places.

Ataturk Cd Iskenderun Yolu Uzeri 2 Km Kavasli Antakya Hatay

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