Mostar is most famous for this beautiful historic Ottoman - style bridge, which spanned the Neretva River in what is considered the historic centre of the city. It is a lively and beautiful destination with visible signs of the recent war. The city has an outstanding natural beauty, Ottoman architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Stari Most.

It is surrounded with plenty of traditional restaurants, small shops, mosques and historical buildings.

Best Of Mostar

  • The Stari Most: The old Bridge that crosses over the beautiful turquoise Neretva river, and is at the heart of Mostar’s historic Old Town.
  • Muslibegović House: One of Mostar’s best examples of Ottoman architecture and now a luxurious hotel and museum.
  • Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque: One of the best- preserved mosques in the area offering the best views of Stari Most.
  • Čaršija: The market in the Mostar’s Old Town where you can find rugs, painted plates, copper items, and souvenirs.
  • The Dervish House: A Sufi Monastry on the Buna River, sits beside a cliff with a spring running by it, that serves as the mouth of the Buna River.


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