Jajce is an “open - air museum” and boasts an impressive urban waterfall right in the town centre. Surrounding mountains, lakes and canyons make Jajce a spot not to be missed.

Best Of Jajce

  • Pliva Falls: A waterfall situated right in the centre of the town. The falls are more than 20 meters high, and are at the point where two rivers meet and converge.
  • Pliva Lakes: An area of stunning natural beauty, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as kayaking, fishing, and swimming. In fact, the lakes are such a perfect location for water - based activities.
  • Jajce Fortress: Built around the mid - 14th century, named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The Old Town: The most historic part of the city with plenty of medieval buildings, as well as some exemplary Ottoman architecture.


Daily Sightseeing Tours ( at an additional cost)


Pliva Waterfall, which is considered one of the 12 most beautiful waterfalls in the world; formed by Pliva rivers. Here you can cool down on the platform built at the foot of the waterfall, and make wonderful photos. Pliva Lakes with complex mills – Pliva mills that are used to grind grain. We recommend a walking tour of the inside of the complex. Pliva Lake is in a beautiful natural setting. Here you can enjoy food and drinks by the lake, and you can enjoy horseback riding, walking or riding a boat on the calm waters of the lake.