Like many Bosnian towns, Travnik’s tourism is based largely on its history and geography. Nearby Mount Vlašić is one of the tallest peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and an excellent spot for skiing, hiking, and sledding. Numerous structures dating to the Ottoman era have survived in near perfect condition, such as numerous mosques, oriental homes, two clock towers, and fountains. It was the principal city and military centre of the Ottoman Empire. For over 150 years, the vizie r- the Ottoman Sultan’s representative in Bosnia - had his headquarters in this town, attracting both consulates and trade.

Travelers visiting Travnik in this era were impressed by the town and called it the European Istanbul and the most oriental town in Bosnia.

Best Of Travnik

  • The Travnik Medieval Fort: One of the survivors of the 1903 fi re, and the imposing structure, which for centuries defended the city from outside invaders, still dominates the horizon.
  • Plava Voda (Blue Waters): A large source that flows out of the base of Vlasic Mountain.
  • Elci - Ibrahim Pasina Medresa: Built in a neo- Moorish style
  • Sarena Dzamija (Multi - Coloured Mosque): With its bright colors, its unique and intricate artistic details on the outside walls and its carved wood, it is among the most beautiful mosques in the Balkans - and the only one in the country that people believe stores hairs of the prophet.
  • Old - style Bosnian mahalas: Old homes, built with steep roofs to counter the effects of heavy snow, are prime examples of traditional Bosnian architecture. The houses are inhabited, giving them all the characteristics of living museums.


Daily Sightseeing Tours ( at an additional cost)


  • Travnik - vizier town in central Bosnia, which is located 90 km. from Sarajevo. First, we will go to the Blue Water - one of the most attractive places in Travnik, because of its beautiful environment along the creek. That is where you can drink the famous LUTVINA coffee.
  • Elci Ibrahim Pasha’s Madrasah and Colourful Mosque named after the unusual art decoration on the internal and external walls.


Departure for Vlasic Mountain, 28 km. from Travnik. In addition to several hotels, motels, restaurants and other catering establishments that have been built, there are also about 400 cottages that will delight you with their specific look. It is ideal for families with children and for those who want to relax in a natural mountain environment.