Anatomica Hair Transplantation & Plastic Surgery
Founded in 2005, Anatomica is serving in the field of ENT, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation with its expert team and advanced technological infrastructure. Anatomica, adding strength to its power by expanding its expert staff, gives with world-class service with its experienced team and advanced technological infrastructure.
With its expert staff, technological infrastructure, different and original architecture, Anatomica offers effective services at international standard levels with a high-quality service understanding to international patients also. The hospital have set out with the target of moving its understanding of health and beauty forward for you and it shares the pride of success at the end of this journey with you.

• Founded in 2005
• Located in İstanbul, Gayrettepe
• Provides the highest level of expertise regarding hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery services
• Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) - a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration
• Professional team of 80 people.
• Long-established clinic with extensive 13 years’ experience in a range of hair transplantation procedures and has served over 15 countries and 50.000 international patients.
• Provides personalized translation service in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch


• Hair Transplantation with FUE
• Beard, Mustache & Eyebrow Transplantation
• Mesotherapy & P.R.P

• Laser Liposuction
• Breast Aesthetics
• Rhinoplasty
• Tummy tuck
• Blepharoplasty
• Face and Neck Lifting
• Ear Aesthetic Surgery
• Aesthetic Lip Surgery
• Botox
• Filling
• Mesotherapy
• P.R.P
• Skin care