Trabzon and Rize

Trabzon is a hub of the Black Sea Region, with a long history, rich culture and great natural beauty. Once an important stop on the Silk Road, it remains the Black Sea’s busiest port. The city is famous for its fish, football (soccer) team, and the Sümela Monastery. Contrasting with the gracious, medieval church (now mosque) of Aya Sofya, and the one - time Byzantine monastery at nearby Sümela, the modern world shines through on Atatürk Alanı, Trabzon’s busy main square in the eastern section of the city centre. East of Atatürk Alanı (also known as Meydan Parkı) and down a steep hill is the port. West of the centre, past the bazaar, is Ortahisar, a picturesque old neighborhood straddling a ravine.

Rize, another charming Black Sea city, is located an hour from Trabzon. Ayder Plateau and Palovit Waterfall located in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park are local attractions.

Best Of Trabzon and Rize

Best of Trabzon and Rize:

  • Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) Museum & Mosque
  • Sumela Monestry
  • Ayder Plateau
  • Gulbahar Hatun Mosque & Tomb
  • Boztepe
  • Zigana Mountains and Hamsiköy (famous with its rice pudding)
  • Palovit Waterfall


Daily Sightseeing Tours ( at an additional cost)


After departing  from Trabzon city-center we will have a break at  famous Sürmene Knife Shop which is located in  Sürmene region. 

Then we will visit Özcay Tea Factory which is on our way and we will see the thecnics of  tea production step by step  with an expert engineer, and after having our tea, we will go on our way to Uzungöl. 

When we arrive to plateau, first we will go on to up slope of Uzungöl to have a break where we can find artifical waterfalls . 

After taking photo , we will have free time at restaurant which is located near the lake coastal. Now it is time to visit unique nature of Uzungöl after our free time

After our free time  ;  we will arrive back to Trabzon. While we are returning back to Trabzon, we will  have a break at  Tiled -Old- Wooden- Bridge  for taking photo .



Our first stop will be Sürmene which is famous with hand-made knifes, we have  thirty  minutes rest time.

Our next stop will be famous Rize Tekpa Cloth Sales 
Store  which  sells pure-handmade-cotton, after visiting special knife store. 

After Tekpa Cloth Sales Store we are going on our way to Ayder and our next stop will be Dağ-Raft Rafting School , we will go on our trip to unique water falls which are at the summit of Ayder-highland. 

Then our bus will  wait for our visitors for having  their free time and lunch. Now ,our visitors are ready to discover Ayder–highland. 

After having our lunch and free time, after free time our bus will return from the same point to Trabzon.

We are gonna have a tea  break  near the Old -Ottoman-Stone-Bridge and on the Fırtına Stream which is on the way to Trabzon.



Trabzon city tour includes visits to Atatürk KöşküAyasofya Museum(Not to be confused with the one in Istanbul), Sera Lake and Boztepe (a hill that provides a magnificent Trabzon City view). Lunch is included.