Our experienced, dedicated and multi-lingual team of tourism professionals ensures excellency in services that we provide and in assistance to guests. In another word, our staff can provide expert travel advice to our guests at all times.

Ali Eşki Managing Partner ali.eski@helenholidays.com
Mustafa Dumankalkdı Managing Partner mustafa@helenholidays.com
Murat Er Managing Partner murater@helenholidays.com
Burak Türker Üçer Managing Partner burak.ucer@helenholidays.com
Nesrin Özçelik Hotel Contracting Manager nesrin@helenholidays.com
Zühre Yolcu Accounting Manager zuhre.yolcu@helenholidays.com
İsmail İnaç Operations Manager ismail.inac@helenholidays.com
Senem Hurioğlu Director of HR senem.hurioglu@helenholidays.com
Defne Tatari Üçer Marketing Manager marketing@helenholidays.com
Dilara Hepşen Öztekin Director of Weddings & Private Events dilara.oztekin@helenholidays.com
Ahmet Ali Guest Relations Manager ahmetali@helenholidays.com
İbrahim ilhan Antalya Operations Manager ibrahim@helenholidays.com
Rabia Elçin Kasapoğlu Bursa Operations Manager r.elcin@helenholidays.com