The Abant Lake Natural Park is within the borders of Bolu Province Central District in Karadeniz (Blacksea) Region. The Abant Lake, which is a tectonic structure, shelters a variety of plants and have a great open air recreation potentiality. Because of these characteristics of the lake, 1150 hectares of it had been taken under the status of Natural Park in the year 1988. The period between May and September is the best times for visiting the park. You can take a horse ride around the lake or bring your own fishing poles to catch some of the local trout. There also are many different pine trees that make up the dense forests in the park.

Kartalkaya, one of the Turkey's major ski resorts, is located an hour from Abant. You can take a daily tour to enjoy the snowy hills or a ski getaway. 

Best Of Abant

Best of Abant:

  • Abant Lake and Natural Park
  • Authentic shops
  • Village market
  • Kartalkaya ski resort


Daily Sightseeing Tours ( at an additional cost)

  • Skiing: Kranjska Gora Slovenya Alps
  • Fishing Academy: Portoroz Piran
  • Cycling
  • Glamping: A brand new camping concept 
  • Caving