One of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan and a loveliest town with tiled - roof old houses and Khan’s Palace, Sheki is called the architectural reserve of the country. It lies in the rolling, thickly forested foothills, which spread out to the south, while to the immediate north are the dramatic, snow - capped peaks of the Greater Caucasus.

Rich in Islamic architecture, Silk Road history, good food, and friendly people, this is travel and leisure in the Caucasus at its finest.

Best Of Sheki

  • Palace of the Sheki Khans: With magnificent frescoes, typical Azeri shebeke windows and mosaics.
  • Crafts Museum: A 19th century ‘Albanian’ church that now houses the crafts museum.
  • Village of Kish: one of oldest Azerbaijani villages that sits at the foot of the Caucasus mountains.
  • Sheki’s History Museum: with artefacts from several periods, but notorious for pieces relating to silk manufacturing and trade.
  • Caravanserai: Built in the 18th century as a place to sleep on the Great Silk Road, now houses a hotel.
  • Omar Efendi Mosque: With a burnt brick patterned facade and a wide and beautiful balcony that supplements the minaret.
  • Juma Mosque: One of the most ancient mosques in the territory of Azerbaijan.


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