Gabala district is a unique region of Azerbaijan that is the most beautiful. Its main site is the ancient Gabala, the ruins of which are 15 km. away from the new town. Modern Gabala city is located on the bank of Damiraparanchay River and has a nice view of the snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Gabala district is the ideal place for leisure with its rivers, chestnut and walnut groves, and mineral springs. Here are a few five star complexes, small family hotels, recreation areas and tourist camps. Among the local attractions there are the so called Russian forest, river valleys, the famous Chestnut forest, and numerous picturesque villages.

The town also hosts an annual international music festival in summer of classical music, jazz and mugham, which is attended by bands and artists from around the world.

Best Of Gabala

  • Gabaland: home to Azerbaijan`s most - loved amusement parks with great kids attractions, special events and much, much more, Gabaland is the perfect destination for the whole family! The theme park is open for the whole year.
  • Gabala Shooting Club: a 25 - hectare shooting center equipped with Olympic - level gear.
  • Tufan Alpine Skiing Complex: the biggest in the Caucasian region, serving up to 3,000 people a day in the winter season.
  • Gabala Town: where to find culture, traditional cuisine, entertainment and shopping facilities.
  • Nohur Lake: Nohurgishlag water storage, is in a natural groove among Gulluburun, Goydagh and Yumuru mountains. In winter thickness of the ice cover on the surface of the lake can reach 40 - 50 cm.


Daily Sightseeing Tours ( at an additional cost)


Tufandag: Longest teleferic of the world - Whether for skiing, or just for memorable summer views of the Alpine scenery behind Gabala, jump aboard the Tufandag network of four cable cars. 

Nohurgol Lake: The lake is surrounded by a forest, you can walk around the lake. You will also experience the Yeddi Gozel (Waterfall).